We Hate Pugs

Wanna Get In a PuG Raid? Here’s a Few Tips

wehatepugs-02If you are playing WoW you know that you can’t get very far on your own. Most areas and quests are just teeming with all sorts of monsters and your only hope to survive and be good in this game is to have someone to watch your back. What you need to do is to join a guild.

However, you won’t always have to join a guild in order to raid. A well prepared player can do just fine by joining a PuG, or a pickup group. This will be a perfect place for you to raid when you are not preoccupied with a guild raid. Interested in joining a PuG? In that case, there are a few tips that I can give to you.

1. Finding a PuG Raid

Pickup group raids will usually be advertised in the Trade chat. What you need to do is to go to any capital city in the game, enable your chat, if you haven’t already by typing “/join trade” and look out if someone is looking for people to join him on a raid.

2. Be Prepared

In most cases, PuG raids will prefer a player who has already completed the raid and is well equipped. However, a raid organizer may allow your to get into it, even if you have not completed it before. Of course, you have to keep in mind that there are probably a bunch of other players competing for the spot in the same PuG raid, so you have to prove that you have what it takes.

3. Optimize Your Character

For a raiding tier of 11, you will need an item of a minimum level of 346, at least I think that it is something along that number. However, there are a few other things apart from this that you should be aiming for. First of all, make sure that your gear is a PvE and that it has the right stats for the class that you are playing. You can check what stats you need in any WoW forum, so just browse a little through them. Also, your gear, such as armor pieces, belt and so on, should be fully enchanted. Make sure that your character has the right talents and glyphs for the role he is going to have in a raid.

wehatepugs-014. Ready Those Add-Ons!

Do you have the latest add-ons installed, especially the latest Deadly Boss mods? You might be able to get through the raid without them, but they will sure make things a lot easier if you have them. There are a lot of PuG raid leaders that will require that you have a Deadly Boss mod or a DBM. Also, It’s always good to have a microphone to speak with, but you can do without one if you don’t have it. What you can’t do without is something that will allow you to listen to the raid leader and his instructions. So, in other words, you will need Venrilo.

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